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Ultimate Bike and Scooter Fails Compilation January 2017

Ultimate Bike and Scooter Fails Compilation by Fail Army.

Real Life Jetpack Rocketeer

By devinsupertramp Huge thanks to Jet Pack Aviation for letting us come out to California and be the ones that got to film this amazing new...

Happy Valentines Day – VR Partner Life

By communitychannel This is VR Partner Life. Happy Valentines Day, Oculus Rift. Sorry this isn't a normal video, I just made it quickly for fun and...

Transparent Gel Robots Developed by MIT can Capture Live Fish Underwater

Uploaded on Youtube by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Engineers at MIT have fabricated transparent gel robots that can perform a number of fast, forceful tasks,...

First Fully-Manned Hoverbike Tested in Moscow

By RT Hoversurf, the Russian creators of the first manned quadcopter released test flight footage of their newest generation flying bike, ‘Scorpion 3’ in Moscow

Bose’s Incredible Electromagnetic Car Suspension System

By CNET Bose spent years developing the ultimate suspension system that offered a super smooth, magic-carpet like ride. It was a technical success but a commercial...