Happy Valentines Day – VR Partner Life

By communitychannel This is VR Partner Life. Happy Valentines Day, Oculus Rift. Sorry this isn't a normal video, I just made it quickly for fun and...

Most Weird Selfies of All Time

By Adriana Minadi Most weird and hilarious selfies ever seen on the internet funny fails compilation . What were those people thinking !

Most Fancy Revolver Ever- 20 Shot Pinfire

By Forgotten Weapons The pinfire cartridge was a popular development in Europe in the mid-1800s that never saw much exposure in the United States. A huge...

Drifting Redefined With Drift King Toyota AE86 Vs GT86

ReUploaded By Pgs Automaniac 1. improved the contrast and readability of translated text 2. added 1 missing sentence I have translated this video (originally only with chinese...

Ultimate Bike and Scooter Fails Compilation January 2017

Ultimate Bike and Scooter Fails Compilation by Fail Army.